Now you can lease this incomparable showcase for organizing congresses and events, both for business and private purposes. Step inside and see our rooms and halls for yourself, each with its own particular atmosphere and spacious windows.
This treasure of modernist art, designed by this brilliant architect opens its doors to offer you all the possibilities for a special meeting in a historic building.
Located in the village of Comillas in Cantabria, the natural surroundings are nothing but captivating.

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A captivating setting for El Capricho

Comillas is, undoubtedly, one of the most attractive, well-known places in Cantabria, with a splendid architectural quarter set in natural surroundings with exceptional landscape.

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Horarios y actividades para este puente

¡Que buenos son los viajes en familia! Parejas con proyecto de familia, familias de 3 recién creadas o familias numerosas que deciden hacer una escapada. Nuestra propuesta es que disfrutéis de la cultura y os divirtáis juntos. ¡Os esperamos!

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